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I am currently working on my next book, “Colosseum”, and hope to have it done by the end of 2015. I have removed my earlier writing, opting to go forward only with Christian material. Beyond that, I am working hard in my real estate career, leaving me no time to be a blogger. Not sure if I ever will again, really, unless I accomplish something unexpected, like massive success as an author. So, buy my book. I will announce my next book in a blog, so subscribe to the blog if you want to know when it is available. I expect it will dwarf anything I have ever written, in terms of power and importance.

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Daniel Kirk and his wife Chelsea, on their way to a marriage retreat cruise, are hijacked and find themselves adrift in the ocean, landing on an unknown and mysterious island. Their marriage on the rocks, and their lives at stake, they must fight for survival, and fight for each other. With the world stripped away, and their hearts broken, they must face each other, face God, and a mortal enemy that would destroy them.


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